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Room Alert 12E Monitor



The Room Alert 12E/12ER is AVTECH’s mid-range environment monitor. It monitors temperature, plus up to 8 more environment conditions of your choice. Additional dedicated ports let you toggle low-voltage electrical devices.

When conditions exceed your thresholds, Room Alert notifies you right away so you can act quickly.

  • Send email and text messages right from the device.

  • Trigger the warning LEDs and siren sound on a Light Tower.

  • Pair with (or other compatible platforms) for even more alerting capabilities.

The Room Alert 12E can sit on a table or attach to a wall or ceiling with its included wall mount. Need your device rack mounted for your server rack? Consider the Room Alert 12ER.

Room Alert 12E/12ER Description

AVTECH’s Room Alert 12E/12ER has the features of our flagship model on a smaller scale and a lower price. It monitors your facility for temperature and has a capacity for up to 8 more sensors. Our standard package includes 1 external Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor (25') to help monitor temperature, humidity, heat index and dew point.

Additional dedicated ports allow you to toggle electrical devices, such as AC units, fans, alarm panels and the warning LEDs/siren sound on a Light Tower.

The 12ER version has a removable rack mount and fits 1U of space in a server cabinet; the 12E version can hang from a ceiling or on a wall from its wall mount. Meant for mid-sized spaces requiring thorough coverage, this unit is at home in server rooms, warehouses and any space requiring eyes on a several different conditions—or on the same condition in several targeted locations.

Room Alert 12E/12ER Specifications
This list applies to both the Room Alert 12E and Room Alert 12S models.

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