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Environmental Monitoring

Helping Your Business Grow


Power Control

Increase your uptime and reliability with Power Management accessories from AVTECH. Our iBoot line of UL-listed products offer several features that allow you to automatically and remotely manage devices and hardware when an environmental alert triggers specific conditions of your choice.

The iBoot IO will toggle nearly any electronic device on/off in response to conditions your Room Alert monitor triggers an alert on. For example, a high heat alert can trigger a backup HVAC unit to turn on, or a water leak alert can trigger a sump pump to engage even before you or your staff arrive onsite to take action.

The iBoot G2S can automatically reboot devices in response to alerts triggered by your Room Alert monitors, or the power status of the device connected to the iBoot G2S. Easily power cycle devices, especially those in remote or unmanned locations with the iBoot G2S to increase availability and reliability.

Health and Safety

The Room Alert Mobile UV System is AVTECH's solution for protecting your facility against viruses and bacteria to prevent downtime caused by health, safety and wellness impacts. Recently, environmental concerns beyond just high heat, power loss, water leaks and more have jumped to the forefront for organizations that depend on their facilities to offer services, such as schools, hospitals, government installations and more. The health and well-being of your employees, tenants, students, and patrons have become more important than ever before.

To help our customers safely disinfect and sanitize their facilities, AVTECH is offering the new Mobile UV System. The Mobile UV System is a portable and affordable device that offers air and surface sterilization through the use of Germicidal UV (GUV) lamps. Its compact design is based on larger devices priced at $100,000 used by hospital operating rooms, but at a fraction of that cost. Organizations can use the Mobile UV System in conjunction with standard cleaning procedures to help disinfect areas such as offices, classrooms, public areas, hotel rooms, rest rooms, conference rooms and more.

Room Alert Account

A Room Alert Account allows users to easily manage and monitor temperature and environment conditions, create custom reports for temperature logging or environment sensor logging history, receive alert notifications when environment conditions reach extremes, view a map showing environment conditions in remote facilities and much, much more. This powerful service allows access from any browser or mobile device over the web with the same user experience device to device. With no software to install, configure or manage, a Room Alert Account makes it easier than ever to get started monitoring your most important assets.

Environment monitoring in computer rooms, data centers and facilities of all types has become a critical part of 'Disaster Prevention' for professional managers everywhere. Thankfully, it's easy to stay informed about important environmental changes with Room Alert. The powerful tools make it easy for you to see alerts, create reports and graphs, view activity timelines, sort and select data, view status screens, and more. This enables your team to drill down to the important information or trends they desire, as well as be alerted immediately when problems begin. There is no software to install, no email server to configure, no complex configurations or concerns about network compatibility, no disk space consumption, and no need to run regular back ups... it's all handled for you in the cloud.

With a Room Alert Account, managers can get the view and insight they need for better decision-making, faster response and future planning. This leads to greater uptime for your organization, lower meantime between hardware failures, smarter energy consumption and peace-of-mind for managers who can be assured that all is well when they are away.

Room Alert Manager

Room Alert Manager is AVTECH's all-in-one software solution for the discovery, management, monitoring, alerting, logging, graphing, automatic action and more of AVTECH's IT & facilities environment monitoring products. Complete with its unique range of features, Room Alert Manager runs as a Windows Service and will continuously and automatically discover Room Alert devices network-wide and display multiple units through a single IP address. Multi-level user access is available through Room Alert Manager’s web interface, accessible from anywhere.

Room Alert Manager offers the perfect complimentary software platform to AVTECH’s products, making it easy for users with multiple Room Alert devices to monitor and document environment conditions, improve reliability, and decrease unplanned downtime as part of their business continuity plan.

Room Alert Manager includes powerful features that allow users to send alert notifications when issues or events are detected by their Room Alert monitors and sensors. Room Alert Manager allows for unlimited alerting of customizable alert notifications to individuals and groups, hierarchies, dependencies and scheduling. It also allows for Actions on Alert/Alert clear conditions such as toggling Light Tower LEDs, Send Web URL requests and more. All this is possible through a single local software installation, with no rules and no agents.

Ideal for managing multiple deployments or single units, Room Alert Manager also allows users to take automatic actions to resolve issues, automatically log sensor data in an embedded SQL database for one click export, view graphed data over a user-specified amount of time with the ability to toggle between graph and sensor displays, monitor alert status for multiple units, set monitoring thresholds, set multiple IP addresses, securely update firmware and so much more. Users can categorize devices based on their own custom criteria, so users can group devices by type, location, or any other metric that allows for easier device management.


Optimize AVTECH's Environment Monitors To Meet Your Installation Needs


Room Alert is most often installed in computer rooms and data centers, although the reality is that people have installed AVTECH products in all sorts of environments including museums, hospitals, warehouses, kennels, residences, satellites, spacecrafts, jets, submarines, mines, ships, rockets, greenhouses, grow facilities, cell towers, blood mobiles, cold storage, restaurants, digital signage, hotel rooms, casino security and many other types of facilities.

The accessory products below allow you to customize your installation with mounting brackets, voice or GSM modems, PoE adapters, light towers, relay switch sensors, power adapters for any country or plug type, extended cables and more.

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