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Room Alert 3S Description


AVTECH’s Room Alert 3S boasts the security capabilities of our larger Room Alert PRO environment monitors, but with the smallest footprint and the lowest cost. This little powerhouse monitors your facility for temperature and up to two more environment conditions of your choice.

As part of our Room Alert PRO line, the Room Alert 3S features these secure protocols:

  • View the built-in web interface over HTTP or HTTPS.

  • Push data to your account over HTTPS.

  • Send alert notifications from the device over your TLS mail server.

  • Integrate the device into your preferred SNMP program over SNMP v3. (SNMP v1 traps and SNMP v2c also available)

  • Update your firmware with your authenticated username & password.


True to its compact form, the Room Alert 3S’s lone digital port does double-duty. It can take a sensor to read your environment or an adapter to act on it. With the Light Tower & Relay Adapter, you can respond to conditions like a rise in temperature by turning on your AC—and alerting staff in the immediate area with the red light and siren sound on a Light Tower!

Small and light, the Room Alert 3S can hang from a ceiling or on a wall with no special tools; it fits easily in telecom or wiring closets, server rack cabinets, and other locations where space is at a premium. Multiples of this unit be distributed across strategic locations of larger spaces to cover more ground.


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